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QR Codes And Their Use In Marketing.

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A photo of an outdoor billboard showing an ad for Raw Pressery usesing  QR Codes in their advertising

Above Raw Pressery uses QR Codes in their advertising and packaging to encourage range awareness.

QR codes have been around since 1994. Created by the Japanese corporation Denso Wave, they have been in use for 27 years before their widespread adoption in Australia. The pandemic has rapidly changed the way consumers view this piece of technology. They are now appearing in various forms across a wide variety of businesses. Australia has gone QR Code mad from sourcing public transport timetables to Haigh's chocolates and their 2022 Easter egg promotions. According to scanova, 86.66% of smartphone users had scanned a QR Code at least once in their lifetime, and 36.40% scanned at least one QR Code a week. In addition to this, 46.81% of respondents agreed that QR Codes make life easier in a touchless world.

There are many exciting ways businesses can use QR Codes to sell products, share information, and engage customers. Especially in the era of internet 3.0, where according to statista, 79.9% of Australians have a smartphone in hand. Below, we look at some of the ways you can implement a QR Code in your business.

A photo of a public transport ad and an ad from a chocolate company showing use of QR codes

Above Haigh's Chocolates uses QR Codes for competition entry and Transport Victoria for tram timetables and information.

QR Codes and their uses in marketing:

1. Incorporate QR Codes into packaging to extend the customer experience.

2. Ease the customer journey with a QR Code directing a customer to your digital channels.

3. Seamless connection with technology.

4. Boost your omnichannel presence by integrating website linked QR Codes into your bricks and mortar locations.

5. Encourage customer reviews.

6. Streamline payments.

4 coke cans in a row on a white background. We see that the cans use QR codes for a give away

Above, Coca-Cola utilises the technology to link to playlists, promotions, and sip and scan.

1. Incorporate QR codes into packaging to extend the customer experience.

Are you looking at ways to extend the customer experience after purchase? QR Codes can be a great way to do so. Via a QR Code, you can direct a customer to product features, tutorials or to an interactive experience that will help further cement your bond.

2. Ease the customer journey with a QR Code directing a customer to your digital channels.

It can be hard to stand out in a crowd in today’s digital world. We spend so much money, time, and effort crafting and developing our digital presence. Most businesses still produce printed materials, whether brochures or business cards; these materials can be used as a pathway to your much honed digital framework using QR Codes. Once scanned, they can direct a person to your website, a particular product, or social channels to help establish or extend a relationship.

3. Seamless connection with technology.

Many streaming platforms such as streamotion, the creators of such platforms as Binge, and Kayo utilise the technology to make it easy for you to connect your app from your mobile device to your tv. This use of QR Codes is brilliant at easing the device connection process. Many platforms and devices let you scan a code, and just like that, your device is connected. This reduces the frustration of manually typing in credentials and is a brilliant way of strengthening customer relationships.

Patagonia garment tags showing QR codes

Above AARON WU and patagonia teamed up to create smart packaging for the brand.

4. Boost your omnichannel presence by integrating website linked QR Codes into your bricks and mortar locations. Omnichannel is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. Examples of this are purchasing from a shop and then click and collecting from a store. Extend your relationship with customers by displaying QR Code marketing materials in-store to encourage customers to browse online. This can encourage customers to go online and see additional offerings, make purchases, and sign up for mailing lists. Extending the relationship with the customer and that’s never a bad thing.

5. Encourage customer reviews.

Collect reviews and feedback from customers with QR Code technology. It can be hard to obtain reviews from customers, and anything you can do to take the pain out of the process is fantastic. Add a QR Code to your invoices, product tags or other packaging to ease the process and help customers voice issues that can help develop your brand and cement bonds.

6. Streamline payments.

A prominent trend in QR Code usage is payment. Businesses are using the technology to streamline the payment process, including many restaurants and retailers. A restaurant may use the technology for table orders and payments to streamline service and some retailers use the technology at the counter to ease congestion. According to Juniper Research, the total number of QR Code payment users globally will exceed 2.2 billion by 2025, equivalent to about 29% of all mobile phone users.

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