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Turn Up Your Brand With Jane Hayes Consulting

Black and white photo of a woman standing in front of a window. She is holding a glass of champagne, and has ornate earrings on and her hair tied back in a bun as she looks at the camera.

Founder - Jane Hayes


Jane is passionate about everything digital and believes in working with clients to help them elevate their brands. She's worked across the marketing sector for 15 years, both as an event producer and marketing head, and key component at major businesses such as IMG, The British Fashion Council (BFC) and Graduate Fashion Week.

Jane has worked establishing successful strategies across FMCG, fashion, lifestyle and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. Jane has taken her experience and insight and created Jane Hayes Consulting, an independent digital marketing agency aimed at supporting businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

About Us

JHC is a full-service independent digital marketing agency based in Melbourne. We focus on digital strategy, content creation, website development and building, photo shoot production, video editing and brand creation.


We feel that quality strategy should be available for all businesses, no matter the size! We take our international experience and make it available to businesses to assist them in achieving the best results.

We Give Back Through Design

Social change is important to us and at the forefront of what we do. We give back by directing a percentage of fees to working with not-for-profits. We believe you can be the change you want to see in the world!

Our Clients

A logo for the british fashion council
A logo for the australian edit a fashion space
A logo for graduate fashion week
A logo for The Spirit of the Black Dress. An ink painting of a lady wearing a black dress.
A logo for yering station wines
a logo for puzzlelux
A logo for IMG
a logo for parterre
A logo for hudson wright easton
A logo for melbourne fashion festive
A logo for the tfia
A logo for dairy crest
A logo for eleven australia
A logo for australia post
A logo for willow england
A logo for clive christian
A logo for peacemeals, it says youre welcome
A logo for london college of fashion
A logo for Ajak And Associates
A logo for fitted for work
A logo for hall and wilcox lawyers


0438 - 116 - 270


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